ideas for my nephew please

My mom knitted all the time when we kids were young, and one winter we nagged her to teach us. My brothers and I knitted for years, I have done some as an adult but it's been a long time. I have a nephew in his mid-20's who was diagnosed with schizophrenia some years ago. He lives in a small town where there is little for him to do. He's under county guardianship and on meds but occasionally gets into trouble if he has a few beers (starts obsessing, panic attacks, delusions, ends up in hospital).


Happy New Year....and a question.

Hi everyone -

I hope you have all had a lovely Holiday Season [whichever tradition you celebrate] and have a Blessed New Year. I've received many lovely gifts - many of them fiber related - and hope you have as well.

Now - the question...

What (or Who) inspired you to learn the great art/craft of knitting?