Felted Mittens and Farmer Socks

I made a pair of heavy socks for my brother-in-law who does a lot of outside work in the winter. I used Briggs and Little Tuffy and 4mm needles. Also made a pair of felted mittens which I really like. I used Paton's Classic and 5mm needles. I read an article a couple of days ago on felted bags by Pam Allen and the directions called for hand felting. Fill the kitchen sink with hot water (not so hot it is going to burn your hands) and rub the articles together and massage them gently until the stitch definition disappears. A really slick operation and it took less than 8 minutes. I spun them in the washing machine and then put them on a towel to dry. Really warm and wind proof.

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Ron, they look good and so warm. I made a pair of socks with Briggs & Little and can only wear them on the coldest of our winter days.