I am looking for 6 ply sock yarn (75%wool and 25% nylon, more or less). Dennis who works at Romni in Toronto told me they carry a self striping one. I would prefer a solid colour. I discovered there is a Trekking 6 ply in solid colours but can't find a place to order it. If any of you know of a place I would really appreciate the information. Thanks


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I don't have a source for that yarn, but I do have another way of looking at the problem.

Use any wool you like, and buy the reinforcement yarns sold on small spools in a color close to what you want. Made on a nylon filament and wool, doubled with your main yarn at the heels and toes. I can buy whatever yarn pleases me, and walk proudly.

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I have used the Socka nylon on other socks and they don't last as long as the ones with the nylon as part of the knitting yarn. I might have to resort to that solution if nothing else turns up. Thanks.

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Hi Ron,
If you don't mind ordering online from a German site try

It has about 14 different colours in 6ply sock wool. The site is called Mariannes Wolle. There is 125m in 50g so you may need 3 balls for a man's sock but at about US$4 a ball it is not expensive.


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Thanks, Kerry, I will look into that site.