Garn Studio Expertise?

I want to make the scarf that is listed here -

However it states: “Pattern: See the chart for Pattern 2, Model No. 21 on page 41 in Drops No. 85.” Is Drops 85 a catalog? Of course I am not willing to pay $4 for a catalog. If that is the case…does anyone have a pattern for something similar (other than knitting lengthwise in garter)? This pattern appears to have some other pattern texture that I like.


Go to the Garnstudio site, click on the American flag, scroll down left hand side to 'Direct Pattern Search'. Key in 85 in first box, 21 in second box, then click on search and up will come the pattern.

I must be really slow so forgive me. When I do this, it takes me to the link I indicated and at the bottom is the scarf again referring to going to page 41 blah blah blah.

Try again, this time clicking on the UK flag. Then go through the same process, scroll down to the end of the pattern and the charts are there.

Sheesh! Thank you...I thought I was losing it for a moment! Maybe I was but that is neither here nor there. I thank you knidly!

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This pattern from Ravelry may be similar.

Thanks, I will check it out from home. I am at work and I cannot access...of course I am working hard all day!!

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Using the following:

Natural = N
Dark Heather = D
Light Heather = L
Blue = B

Work a garter ridge each in the following order, leaving 8 inches tails at beginning and end of each colour change.

N, D, L, B, L, D N, B, N, B, N, L, D, N, L, N, B, N, L, D, N, B

then work in the reverse order, N, D, L, N, B, N, L, N, D, L, N, B, N, B, N, D, L, B, L, D, N

Knot 4 strands together to anchor fringe.

They suggest 5 mm needles.

Cast on 342 sts with natural and knit 2 rows garter st, decreasing 1 st every 6 sts on the 2nd row (K tog the 5th and 6th sts) = 285 sts. Then knit in garter as explained above – Finish knit 2 rows garter st with natural, increasing 1 st every 6 sts = 342 sts, bind off.
Knot the fringe.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I do NOT want to know where you found that because I will feel like an idiot! But, did you know you're my hero?

Thank you for helping me understand. I appreciate it! It was sitting there all along and I did not even notice.

On a side note, they sure have beautiful things on this site. I think I am meant to live in the north......

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Waaaay to much work for me LOL. When I cast on a sideways scarf like this I feel like it takes three times as long to knit as the short way. Too bad 'cause I love the look of length wise knit scarves. On the other hand if the model would come stand around for inspiration it might not seem like so long. And I'm sure I'd even want it to take longer LOL.

I would have to agree with you on the model.

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Cast on 342 stitches....lost me right there. lol. Good luck with the project!

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There really is great stuff on this site. Patterns are very unusual. Check out the roman centurion hat and neck warmer half way down the page. It's awesome. If only I could think of someone to knit it for. Eli B.

Eli B.

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I know this is a stale thread but I thought I'd chime in. Earlier this year I was visiting my folks in my home town of San Luis Obispo, CA and chanced upon a little yarn market called NordicMart. As it happens, this is the home of North American operations for Garnstudios and DROPS yarn products, and it's their only retail outlet in the USA. (As I understand it, the Swedish woman who runs the business was given her choice where to set up shop and she chose SLO.) The people here were very friendly and accommodating -- even by lys standards. (Nordicmart dot com -- unsolicited plug)
Since then I've spent lots of time browsing the Garnstudios patterns. Great stuff! I'm a newbie knitter and find their pattern instructions.. um.. bare bones. They are translated from Norwegian, and not always with perfect clarity. If I'm not mistaken, you can buy the pattern books but all the patterns can be found on the website for free.
Some very nice men's patterns too.
If you find yourself in SLO, go check it out.