a stitch in time

While working on my very first knitting project, a simple scarf with a straight knit row after row after row... with the occasional yarn change for stripes... I felt the need to try something else, something different.

I learned to purl continental and learned a really easy but impressive looking waffle stitch pattern to start another scarf...

And then I started a simple hat, knitting in the round. All the other kids were doing it so I decided to give it a go.

I decided to make the hat ribbed with a basic 1x1 rib (knit1 purl1)... I fould myself modifying my finger configuration and knitting process to work with the knit one, purl one pattern.

I realized I'd been holidng the working yarn inefficiently around my middle finger... and wound it around my index instead in the opposite direction... this facilitated switching the working yarn back and forth across the piece for the alternating knit and purl stitches.

The yarn was also a lovely 50% marino blend that was soft and thick... made very nice distinct stitch patterns.

Then I'd occasionally return to the first scarf that still needs a few more inches of length... and it was like I'd forgotten how to knit all of a sudden.

I'd been so used to the new finger configuration and the relative and marked diference in the feel of the yarn... it took me a while to rejigger my fingers and muscle memory to return to the old project.

It's only been a couple weeks that I'd been away from the first scarf... working all that time on the hat... but suddenly it felt like trying to remember the lyrics to a song you heard once as a kid, or a dance step for some tango long forgotten.

It made me realize the degree to which I'd become a very different knitter from when I first started about 5 weeks ago.

As I polished my technique, learned to be more nimble with the yarn and needles, learned to spot and fix my mistakes... became more familiar with the structure of the stitches... I was leaving a part of me behind that is forever tied to those particular rows of stitches in the older end of that scarf... and with each piece I do really...

You never cross the same river twice... you never knit the same scarf twice, especially when you stop half way and start another project...


Hats are really fun to make and they don't seem to take much time to finish.  A scarf on the other hand can require much enthusiasm to complete.  LOL.  I made one one time that was thinner at one end and got wider as I went along.  It ended up looking more like an oversized tie for a clown.  LOL.  I couldn't keep my tension the same through out.  Have you ever heard of the multidirectional scarf.  It is a fun make and not to difficult.  All you have to do is knit and do some increasing and decreasing.  As you knit it you make these triangles that magically form especially if your using a multicoloured yarn that makes stripes.  All you have to do is type in,  Multidirectional scarf to search it out on the web and the pattern will come up.  Check it out and see what you think.