Call for Knitters in Texas

I am trying to get a men's knitting group together in Houston TX. I know there are a few on here. Would anyone be interested?


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I wish this was done sooner, I've since moved to California...Texas was a difficult place to knit, no one wore scarfs, and it never really got cold enough for some things. But is sure did pass the time when we were evacuating from Rita and Ike. Let me tell you 14 hours in traffic in no bueno, only to travel 15 miles!

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Fellow knitter here in Houston. I would be great to start a group. I know Wendy from Yarns to Ewe would be happy to host the group - she has mentioned that she would love to have a men's night.


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Hmmmm, knit nite at Y2Ewe, that would be great. How many? not just the 2 of us???? Anyone else? Jared, where are you in California?

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I moved to Austin and will let you know if I ever make it over to Houston. A friend's band is playing a few gigs there over the summer, so chances are high. You're always welcome out this way, too!

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I'm moving to Austin in less than a week and looking for a group!

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If anyone comes across this post - we have a men's knitting group in Houston now (actually for almost a year now)! We meet at Knitting In The Loop (2805 Bammel Lane, 77098) on Mondays from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. and have a Ravelry group page: Gents & Purls. Come one, come all!