Vacuum sealer

Hi Guys,

Have any of you tried using a vacuum sealer to store your yarn? Just wondering if this would be a good idea or if it could damage it.


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If you mean those "space bags" that you pull the air out of with a vacuum cleaner, I have tried them to store fleece for spinning, and found that the air gets back in after a while. As for yarn, I doubt the bag would damage it.

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I thought about that same thing- then got looking at the reviews on Amazon.... They have REALLY low ratings, and it looks like they "fail" (leak) as often as not....
But agree with Albert- I'm quite sure it wouldn't damage the yarn- plush toys are almost always shipped to stores vacuum packed, as are pillows.

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I was thinking about the foodsaver vacuum which might do a better job at removing air and sealing the bag, than the space bag.
Thanks for sharing your experience Albert.

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Hey Juan, hope you're well. I"ll be a little more direct than the others. The Spacebags suck. They don't hold their seal and always leak so if you do store them, don't do so in a small place. It's impossible to get them out after the seal has been breached. I don't have any experience with the food saver version but they'd probably be kind of small,no? J.

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Inquire the same question of a museum textile conservationist, or even a quilter that is well versed on storing old quilts.

It seems like a good idea to keep the bugs away but, organic fibers MUST breath or they will slowly rot.

Have you ever noticed that when fabric is enclosed into a tightly sealed enviroment for a length of time it has an odor when you release it?

Conservationist would not deprive oragnic fibers of air movement. The only other solution is to freeze it. That is how expensive and antique furs are kept, which are, of course, also organic fibers.

I'm not an expert at all on that, but I learned that much from being a quilter before my knitting addiction kicked in.

To tell on myself here: My friends think it is too funny that I store my yarn in a deep freezer! lol I have to lift the bags of yarn out to get to any edibles. lol

And I do realize that it is not a nitrogen vault! It's the best means I have, and out in the sticks where pests are rampant it works for me.

I try to make room for the food in there, but the yarn I love cost MUCH more by the ounce than most all food by the pound (unless it is lobsters and caviar)!!!

I just hope that if I hit really, REALLY hard times I won't have to make a meal of Lorna's Laces or Malabrigo. That would certainly make for some very unpleasant spaghetti!

If I am wrong on this know that I am always open to being edumicated.



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Now you remind me of Sonic, the parrot in the other post. Still, the soggy spaghetti that you'd create out of the yarn would be almost heresy. (Not to mention the devastation to your digestion.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I use Space Bags to store both yarn and roving and just love them. As for leaks the large and extra large ones I've had did leak however the small and medium ones haven't.