V Neck Pullover

Just finished a sweater for my friend Miguel. I usually don't like sissy yarn but this Bluefaced Leicester 2/8 hand painted by the Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia was soft, luxurious, and quite nice to work with. I used a size 3.25 mm needle and knit it in the round from the bottom up. I did a steek for the neck and joined the sleeves to the body at the underarm.

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Gorgeous- the color works really well on Miguel!

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Beautiful sweater Ron, and I don't think the colour looks sissy.

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It looks great and I agree that the yarn doesn't look sissy.

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Very handsome sweater.

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That looks great!! I've done a similar in the round from the bottom up and joining the sleeves under the arm, but steeking is something I've only heard and read about. I've never even considered trying it. You did a wonderful job and I think the yarn is beautiful. Congrats.


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Once you get over your steekophobia you realize that it makes the knitting so much easier.

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I second that.

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Great sweater, great technique, and the color looks Muscular! I assume you used Lord Raglan's solution to dress with one arm?

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Beautiful sweater Ron, I am a steeker as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love this sweater, the color is great and the fit perfect. Great job.