My square pattern contribution for Jason's afghan.

As I said in purlyman's blog entry, this is my first blog experience. So, please be gentle.

Now, all joking aside - I want to share my pattern for a square afghan that can easily be made into individual squares. (I hate sewing things together so I just make one huge square out of it.) Here goes...

Cast on 12 stitches. Distribute onto 4 dpns. (Or 2 circulars.)
Round 1: Knit plain.
Round 2: Increase by knitting into front and back of every stitch (24 sts).
Round 3: Knit plain.
Round 4: Increase in first stitch by knitting into front and back, alternate knit and purl (seed stitch) across needle, increasing by knitting into front and back in the last stitch. Repeat around for each needle. (If using 2 circulars, place markers at halfway points of each needle, creating 4 quarters.)
Round 5: Knit plain.
Repeat Rounds 4 and 5 until about one inch before desired size. You will have a line of plain knit stitches to mark your corners.
Next round - Increase only in first stitch by knitting front and back, then continue in seed stitch around entire afghan. Without any more increases, work several more rounds of seed stitch - roughly an inches worth - then bind off VERY loosely purlwise. (I normally use a needle 2 to 3 sizes bigger for binding off.) If you want exact stitch count on each side, you can always decrease 2 stitches together as you bind off on the first side. You may also take your cast on tail and cinch up the hole in the center. (I normally do this.)
Other edging options are to do a sideways knit garter stitch border, mitering the corners, or a favorite border treatment of your choice. I find that simple patterns work best for me.
If you wish to make colored stripes, I recommend joining color changes on a seed stitch round as it seems to make a better effect for blending the pattern.

There you go. The alternating pattern of seed stitch and plain rows make a nice texture on both sides of the afghan (both visual and tactile) and it is very simple to work once you get it established. The last one I made, I used one circular for each quarter after it got bigger and that made it even easier to work.

I'm only now experimenting with this as a small square but think a simple way to end it would be to work only a couple of rows of seed stitch, then bind off. Or, perhaps, end after a plain round and bind off purlwise. (I'm not at that stage yet.)

Hope you enjoy it. Take care - Joe


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Commenting on my own blog entry. Have found that I can work the square to about 7 1/2 inches then bind off purlwise, using a 2 sizes larger needle. (About 28 sts using size 7us needles.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.