Fair Isle Vest

Finished a Fair Isle vest that was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I used Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool and 4.00 mm needles. I really like the drape this fabric has.

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Great use of XOXO design. Any reason there are no pictures of you wearing it?

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I am a terrible model.

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Very handsome vest!

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I love the muted tones. How did you do the neck/button bands on this one?

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I picked up stitches and knit about 6 rows and then purled a row to fold it, and knit 6 more rows and tacked it to the inside. I did button holes after row three.

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How do button holes work on a folded button band? I assume you have to do two sets, but do you have to sew them around the seams once folded to keep them from separating? Oh, and your vest is beautiful!

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You could sew them together but I never bother. The holes sit on top of each other and the button just naturally goes through both of them.

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Put it on!! Take a pic!! The work is great. I love how just working with two colors at any given moment can make such a colorful piece. Congrats on a beautiful vest.


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Absolutely beautiful and the vest is nice as well lol. Seriously your knitting is extrodinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG! I'm totally in love with this vest. It's gorgeous. How long did it take?

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Thanks for the nice comments. I got the idea from a Spun Out (22B) from School House Press. I actually fell in love with the names of the colours - Ghillie Green, Loch Maree, Bresay Blue, Cornflower, Moorit, etc. - before I ordered them. Of course, in real life they are far more vibrant than any picture could show. It took me about three weeks of on and off knitting.

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Absolutely stunning! Love it!

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Wow!!!! This is beautiful! The blending of colors is spectacular! Well done.


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Ron, your vest looks beautiful. That J&S yarn is good to work with.

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Gorgeous vest Ron! I so admire your beautiful work.