M1 increase question

I am attempting to make felted clogs. I am on row 2 and overwhelmed already!

The pattern calls for LOTS of m1 increases. The instructions say to do this by picking up the "ladder" between the stitches on the left and right needle and "stich through the back loop".

However, I am much more comfortable with doing an m1 increase by wrapping the yarn around my fnger and knitting an extra stitch off my finger.

Does it matter how I increase....or am I doomed to follow the instructions?


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In my opiniion (for what it is worth) I think since you are going to felt it the "backwards e" make one is valid.


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The only warning I'd give is this...if the loop you pick up and knit isn't twisted, it will cause a small hole which might dimple your felted fabric. You can create it any way you want as long as the result is a twisted loop that you picked up from the row below.

A M1 should be made by putting the point of your left needle behind and under the ladder yarn below and then knitting that stitch with a normal knitting motion (this will give you a twist).

If you do that same thing with your finger instead, it shouldn't cause any problems.

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Hmm you just explained a problem I had on my beret with the M1s. I was doing it wrong and ended up with a series of very small holes where I made them. Since it had a lacy pattern above I just pretended it was part of the pattern, but now I know what I did wrong.

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It's crazy, but check out these:



Am finding YouTube invaluable as I dig back into the knitting!

Hope it helps!

Also, where did you find the pattern!? Would love to see them finished!

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I would advise sticking to the m1 versus an ewrap because you will have more stability. I've made several pairs of felted clogs and the shaping thats created by all of these m1 increases could be affected if you go with an ewrap. While felting would forgive the small hole, I think you'll lose structural integrity and may have a slightly misshapened sole.