My first sweater! WOO HOO

Okay - so it is a DOG sweater for a 6-pound Chihuahua...but it is still my first non-scarf, non-hat item!

Being on assignment in Alaska when it is negatve 22 out it seemed like she needed something to keep her warm when she isn't in front of the fireplace! And I needed something to do with the cheap yarn in my closet!

Off to clip her nails...didn't realize they were that long until I took a picture! Then off to "Knitting Grounds" in Anchorage to finish my first pair of socks and start my felted clogs (the pattern looks kind of difficult but have to venture out from scarves/hats sometime!).


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Precious! The sweater looks great, I'm sure she appreciates the extra warmth.



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I learned to knit specifically to make sweaters for my Chihuahua, who has hardly any hair (none underneath from chin to tail). I know she loves having the extra warmth, and I love the money I save making her clothing. I am sure your Chi enjoys wearing something that keeps her warm and was made with love.

Good luck with the socks, I recently made a pair and I love them. I am planning on making several more pairs.

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That is great!...what a sweetheart, both you and the adorable puppy.

If you have ANY questions when you're working on the felted clog slippers, ask them here...tons of us have made them and can help.

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She certainly seems to enjoy it!

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My dog is freezing here in Istanbul. Ok it isn't as cold as over there... but my dog was born in Asia, he's use to 30 degrees Celcius. I have his little waterproof jacket for walking when it is wet... every 2 out of 3 days (today is the sunny day), he has a plastic thing for inside to keep him warm but I think a sweater would be the way to go... I have a few patterns, am going to go for the most basic... 'cos I am still new at all this, even though I would love to make the cable dog sweater that was on here a few weeks ago. I can do cable ... I just have difficulty following instructions...
So if you don't mind me asking when I get stuff... I'd appreciate it.
Istanbul, Turkey


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What's the pattern? Cute!


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I got the pattern from a book called "Posh Pooches". It came with knitting needles that have dogs on the end! Naturally, since I am still relatively new, I choose the easiest pattern in the book! Can share if you want it....just tell me what size dog!

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I love it!

I use one of those pedipaws things on my dog's nails now. His were always so sharp after clipping them. Now they are not sharp and I can do it without worry of them breaking when I cut.

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Let's hear it for chi's and their sweaters!! Seem to be quite a few chihuahua owners here on MWK. We should have some sort of collage of them in their sweaters. The sweater looks great on her!!! Congrats.