Noro Scarf Finished

I now envy those who've been able to photograph their scarf and do it justice, not an easy job. I love my scarf, and highly recommend this project to anyone who wants to not just add another scarf to their wardrobe but wants to add an heirloom.

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It looks like it looks nice...
As a rabid fan of the Noro Stripe Scarf, I DEMAND MORE PHOTOS!!!

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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The scarf is beautiful, I concur with the photography, I know what I want my photos to look like but they never turn out the way I want.



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Always take lots of pictures. The more you have to choose from the greater chances of getting more good shots. Natural light always works best. If you have to use your flash, don't stand on top of the piece. Back off and use your zoom to get in closer. Most importantly, hold the camera steady. Prop yourself against a wall or doorway if need be.

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Your photograph really shows off the sheen on the yarn. It makes my fingers itch to touch it. Great job!