Berroco Softwist

I'm using this yarn in a scarf.....I'll try to post a picture when it actually looks more like a scarf than a hotpad.  Anyway....

49% Wool, 59% Rayon...Acts a lot like cotton when you're knitting it.  Not a lot of stretch in the yarn itself, although the pattern stitch I'm using (a waffle stitch) makes a really elastic fabric.  My scarf is 6" wide and I got about 7.5" in length from one skein (50g, 100 yards), so the waffle stitch uses a lot of yarn!  I had to go back and buy more.

I'm using size 7 needles, but I should probably be knitting the scarf on 9's so it would have a little more drape...7's would be about right for straight stockinette, I think.

The yarn is twisted with a shiny strand of rayon, so it's got some brilliance, but it's really slippery.  The first 3 or 4 stitches of each row want to slide back off the needle.  Bamboo would probably make it easier to work with.  Also, I'm finding that I need to keep an eye on my knitting because it's really easy to split the yarn with the tip of the needle because it's such a loose ply and has that extra wrap of rayon.