Mother's Day

I'm sure many of you have the same problem I do when it comes to gifting for mother.  What do you give to someone who never wants anything?  I never know, but I'm glad that I took up knitting because now I can give her something that I made myself.  Moms are such saps for that kind of shit.

Introducing mother's coaster set.  It's a set of 8 coasters with a matching holster pocket.  The coasters are really just small dishrags starched and pressed flat. The pocket is a long flat rectangle decreased to a point at one end with some elastic sewn into it to make a button catch.  It probably would be nicer if I had knitted it in the round, but I'm still getting the hang of that, so I stitched it together on the side.  Not all of the coasters are 100% perfect, although 3 of them are, the other 5 are between 90%-98%.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Fabulous idea. Thanks. 

Knit away, knit away

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This clearly shows one of knitting's strongest suits - beautiful hand-made gifts from the heart.  I really like what you've done here.  I think these items are perfect just as they are! 

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What a cool idea! Original, nicely done and great colors.

Aha! mother's always say that but they love gifts all the same.  As a seven-year old, I made my mother a pin-cushion - described in a magazine as a Fragrant Pin-Cushion since it was filled with lavender - from an old sock filled with the chopped remains of another!  She showed it to me last year as she has kept it for over 40 years!  Bless! (We giggled over it being far from fragrant though!)

I'm sure she'll love these Jeff and a really nice idea to keep them in a little case.  Smart!