"English Crystal" by Marianne Kinzel

Just finished this piece and sort of blocked it. I really don't like to crochet the edgings. It frustrates me to no end. I know I could just bind off, do a sideways border, do garter stitch, or do a ribbing, but has anyone ever tried one of these on her patterns? Or should I persevere with the crochet?

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Then there is always the "faux crochet" edge. You knit together whatever number of stitches you are suppossed to crochet together, then * return stitch to left needle, knit1; repeat from *; for the number of "chains"; continue with next knit together....

the crocheted edge is "traditional" on a lot of doily type pieces - I rarely do a crocheted edge as there are so many other tratments I prefer.



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This piece would definitely lend itself to an edging other than crochet, but I actually doing enjoy the crochet edgings...more than any knitted edging anyway.

Beautiful job...as always :)

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This piece has such an old fashioned look to it; I really like it! I advoid a crochet hook as much as possible.

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You've made a beautiful job of this doily. The crochet edgeing certainly sets it off, but Mario's suggestion sounds a good way around the problem.