Black Hills - An undyed New Zealand yarn

I bought enough of this yarn in a shade called Waikari yarn to make a pullover for myself. It’s a lovely marled yarn in natural shades of white and dark brown.

It feels ever so slightly of lanolin, leaving a very mild greasiness to the hands after using. It’s a two-ply yarn and knitted up as though it was very slightly over spun. The skeins had a few lengths which were slightly thinner than the rest, but I notice that this is an issue that the producer is trying to address at the time of writing.

I liked it, but it’ll be a while before I use it again, particularly as one sweater's-worth was around GBP 100. If I bought it again in the future, I’ll probably knit into the back of the loops when I’m ribbing to tighten things up slightly.

Order it from the UK, or visit the manufacturer's website in New Zealand.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks lovely for a nice jumper , I wonder how it stripes, we want pictures!

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Pictures will be posted once I've sorted out weaving in the ends of yarn (a job I hate) and sorting out the under-arm stitching.

The yarn doesn't stripe, it just looks fairly random. Certainly not the rather dominating 'pattern' of the unkitted skein.

If I can crave your patience, I'll try and upload some pics of the FO by way of reward.

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I'm with Andy- pictures please!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

100 GBP? What happened to the credit crunch? However, look forward to the pics of the finished garment.

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Just a guess... (GBP) = Great Britain Pound

Almost - Great British Pound.

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Ah, but that was in the days before the credit crunch... In the days before we looked 100% pure acrylic yarn and thought "hm, that looks a bit expensive..."