Yoga, Meditation, and Knitting

The topic of meditation and knitting seems to come up frequently.  Adding yoga to that mix is only logical since yoga is, as I've frequently been told, designed to prepare the body to sit in meditation.  And of course, when we knit, we are most always sitting, often for long periods of time.  Not far from Albany in Lenox, Massachussets is the Kripalu Yoga Center which sometimes offers weekend workshops for yoga and knitting.  I think the last one was in February of this year.  These workshops are led by Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Animal House, Starman, etc.).  Here's a link to her bio as a program presenter at Kripalu and on that page is a link to her store in nearby Great Barrington.

I've been to Kripalu for several weekend workshops (just not the knitting and yoga), and several times just on a day trip.  Just recently a friend and I were out puttering about in Great Barrington and happened in on her shop on one of the rare days that she is there.  The items she makes are really quite lovely, and pricey too!  As are the items she features from other fiber artists.  Unfortunately, we couldn't quite afford to buy anything (aside from the fact that there's really nothing there for men anyway), but she was gracious enough to take a moment for a picture.  So, here's me with Karen Allen.

I have been practicing yoga and mediation for several years now and am a member at our Albany Kripalu Yoga affiliate.  I've recently been experiencing some pretty severe issues with my left knee which has unfortunately been keeping me off my yoga mat more than I'd like.  But has been keeping me on the couch which is partially why I took up knitting late last fall.  Of course, doing less yoga and more sitting has led to other increased discomfort in my back, neck, and hips.  So, I go to the orthopedist next week to find out exactly what the problem is with my knee and then based on his findings,  hopefully working with one of the yoga instructors with whatever physical therapy is recommended and getting back on my mat more.  Of course, I will absolutely have to integrate knitting into it all as well!!!

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to continue (or start back up) the discussion of yoga, meditation, or any other spiritual and/or physical practices that we may already, or would like to integrate with our knitting. 

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Very interesting.  I took my first yoga class several years ago in, of all places, Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.  I've been looking for an excuse to head back to the ranch - a knitting excursion would be a great excuse!

I've participated in a men's group at Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver for about ten years, though this post reminds me that I've been neglecting it this winter.  For me, knitting complements my practice because I'm very undisciplined about doing yoga at home, whereas I'll knit when I need to slow down after working or being active.  And after a long knitting session, a dog pose is great for stretching out my back and hands. 

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Interesting...I have often thought of knitting as a was of meditation. I am completely relaxed when I knit, and love to knit outside, listening to the birds adn the water features on my ponds, very relaxing and meditative. Have never tried yoga, thought about it but that is as far as it got as to yoga, ti chi is another interesting exercise I have thougt about also. Barry

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Knitting switches me off from the stress of the day... and then I fall asleep... I'm a last thing at night knitter... it calms me ... and it is a strong message to my dog that ... when I say bed... it means bed... once the needles start clicking he knows... oh boy, boss means business and he won't be playing with me again tonight ... and then he curls up and goes to sleep. I do a few more rows then I'm asleep.
It's not exactly meditation but it is a great way to switch off each night.
Istanbul, Turkey


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Yoga and Tai Chi are frequent precursors to a meditative knitting session for me. Or if the knitting is to be not-so-meditiative (ie. in front of the tv) then some centering and a pot of tea are present.

Doing this would be better with tweed.