Revised Argyle Scarf pattern

I'm posting again! Yay! [Initiate Yugidean Overload] So I wanted to post the "revised" chart that I made for the Uncle's Argyle Scarf pattern (attached as a PDF file). In the original pattern and chart, a colored square meant something specific on even rows, then meant something opposite on odd rows. Honestly, it was too complicated and annoying to keep up with and I adjusted the chart so that it actually made sense. Granted, I understand their method in the book...their chart actually showed what the pattern looked like. Simplifying the chart like I did does not readily display the argyle pattern...ON PAPER. But it's FAR easier to comprehend and keep up with. In case you haven't double-knitted before, each "stitch" is actually comprised of TWO stitches. You are carrying both colors with you at all times. Each stitch on the chart is equivalent to knitting in one color, then purling in the other. As always, when you reach the end of the row, be sure to twist your yarn to avoid loopiness. Although, I should insert a disclaimer that twisting your yarn at the ends of the rows will not prevent loopiness caused by cocktails, which is probably a good thing.

Essentially, I just duplicated the chart in Excel, but I reversed the colors on every other line. It turned this scarf from a YSP-in-the-making, to something easy and enjoyable. Who knew!?!

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I can't wait give this a try. The original chart made my head hurt. THANK YOU!!

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I have been thinking abut a Celtic pattern for the next pair of kilt hose I knit (I am working a pair now) and this is great.

But one question, from what I have been able to tell Argyle refers to the diamond pattern that results when you turn a Scottish Tartan 90%.

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I hadn't heard that as a definition of Argyle. You might enjoy the ravelry group "Kilt Hose and Flashes"...we often discuss argyle hose.