Any Knitting Groups in San Francisco

Hey guys,

New here and thought I would start off with an inquiry about knitting groups. Does anyone know of a knitting group, or belong to a knitting group in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I have knitted on and off for many years and recently picked it back up.

Feel free to say hi.


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i'm sure the sf folks will fill you in on groups. did you know we are having a west coast retreat in bay area first weeknd in nov?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog There is a group of people that Knits in San Francisco every Monday Possible at the 3 Dollar Bill Cafe at the LGBT Center, everyone is invited that knits and crochets. It is from 630 to 7 PM to 9 PM. It is a great Group of people guaranteed!!!!! Please come and Join Us!

Monday Night Knit
When Mon, 7pm – 9pm
Where Three Dollar Bill Cafe (map)
Description Bring that sweater you've been working on, the hat you haven't had time to finish or that scarf you've been promising to make for a friend. Join your fellow knitters (and crocheters) every Monday night from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM for fiber fun!
3 $ Bill Cafe Event Calendar

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Welcome. There are dozens of groups in the Bay Area. Without knowing where you are it's hard to know where to start. Here're a few I know about. If you're in the City and gay, there's Monday Night Knit at the Gay Community Center. Tuesday night there's gay knitting at Stash in Berkeley, and Wednesday night everybody (almost all women) knitting at Stash as well. I think there's a mostly/all men crochet group somewhere in Oakland.
If you'll tell us where you are, I'm sure we can find you one right close.

I am from Ohio so, unfortunately do not know about any groups in SF, but welcome to MWK! It is always great to have new folks join in. Good luck in finding a group. I am still looking for a cool group in the greater Cleveland area.

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Google Map by a lady from Ravelry This map has everything in the Bay Area of San Francisco that gives a lot of choices, go and check it out!

Bay Area Open Knit / Spin / Fiber Arts Sessions
Social knitting, crocheting, spinning, public SnBs, portable weaving, braiding, knitting nights, meet ups, and suchlike open gatherings of fiber arts fiends. ahem, friends.
Since we've been getting several error waypoints added and left blank, I'm narrowing down the editing collaborators to this map; please email me if you would like to collaborate on the upkeep of this map, you're most welcome!
-RuTemple 8/19/2008

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WELCOME! I just moved here to, where you from...and were in the city do you call home?

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Welcome Gene, unfortunately I am not from CA area, but I am sure you find many groups out there after a little networking. I myself am stuck in western MI and have not had much luck with existing groups, so I started my own. We are small now but growing.

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apparently you're in San Leandro, CA...
check with your local yarn stores...
they're are some groups in th Berkley area...

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Hi Gene and all the others who have posted here. I tend to be the quiet and reclusive one, however the thought of joining in with a men's knitting group sounds good. There is one in Berkeley and I just realized where Three Dollar Bill's is!! It would be fun to check that out sometime. As you can see, Gene, there are a lot of guys in the Bay area who are knitters and crocheters. I'm glad to be a part of that community!

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Three Dollar Bill has closed~!
...after four years the Monday Night Knit has to move!
We're going to meet next Monday at Cafe Trieste...corner of Market & Gough.

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Which one do you go to in Berkeley?

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Hi Gene (and everyone),

I also live in San Francisco and recently have begun knitting again. I'd like to find a local group for knitting. Sounds like Three Dollar Bill is no longer an option. Any other options? I'd consider hosting.


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I just sent you a private message...
The MondayNightKnit group now meeta at Cafe Trieste...Market & Gough...6:30-9:00.
They're happy to have us!

Hi everyone:

I'm new here (and to knitting) and I'm totally bummed I missed the recent retreat...I *so* would have been there. I hope there's another one planned for the future.

Like the original poster of this thread, I'm also looking for knitting groups in the Bay Area, preferably in the East Bay. I get into the city once in a while, but I can't always leave work early enough on weeknights. Do any of you know of anything in the Oakland or San Leandro area? (or even in Hayward) I checked at Article Pract, but most of their resources are for the North Oakland/Berkeley area and I'm hoping to find something closer to home. I know I've seen some kind of knitting group happen at Zocalo Coffee in SL, but not since I started knitting (and it was mostly middle-aged, straight, White ladies... I'm hoping for something a bit more diverse in some way).



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A little late to the game, but...there's a Men's Crafting Group that meets in the Castro on Sundays and Wednesdays. Sunday at Espressamente Illy on Market Street from 10:30a-3p, and Wednesdays at Church Street Cafe from 6p-9p. You can join the page on Fecebook: