When you buy yarn in skeins or on spools, do you ever wind into balls by hand?

I wouldn't deign to buying yarn in a skein or on a spool. Just call me "Swift Hank."
3% (2 votes)
Yes, to see if its defective anywhere inside before I start knitting.
20% (16 votes)
Yes, so it will fit better into my yarntainer, bag, or work area.
30% (24 votes)
Only when the skein or spool gets near the end and the yarn loses stability.
33% (26 votes)
Only to make my cat a playtoy.
1% (1 vote)
I've never hand wound a ball of yarn.
13% (10 votes)
Total votes: 79


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Actually, I didn't see my reason for hand-winding a ball. I enjoy the winding process. I've also hand wound some laceweight yarn when I was afraid it would break if I wound off a swift/ball-winder.

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None of the answer choices fit my situation. Most of the time now, the skein is wound into a center pull ball at my LYS. However, such as this morning, I handwound balls from the skeins. they are easier to manage and carry, and the yarn doesn't get tangled up. Somewhere along the line recently, I also read where the yarn won't twist as it comes off the ball, and I find that it true. The center pull balls are ok, but I just prefer the yarn unwinding from the outside of the ball.


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The only time I really hand wind any yarn is when I have a hank or some other "put-up" that doesn't take well to working right from the skein. Also, I will make a hand wound ball if I've frogged a considerable amount of a project because I can't stand working with the kinky-twisty yarn that results. Some day I may get a ball winder and swift but as for now I use my knees as a swift and Elizabeth Zimmermann's suggestion for hand-winding your own center-pull ball (which I love).


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I wind all my knitting wools with a ball winder. I will rewind them when the ball gets sloppy as the yarn is used up. I used to do it by hand but have never regretted the money spent on the ball winder. I much prefer centre-pull balls of wool.

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None of the answers apply to me either.

I have been known to hand-wind balls, as I can never get the balls, hanks or skeins to pull properly otherwise. However, I generally use a machine winder before I even start on the project, and store each individual ball for the project in a small bag or ziplock.

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I wind my yarn with a center pull yarn winder and then put the ball into a tubular bandage that keeps the ball from getting sloppy as it gets smaller.



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The proper way to wind balls is using an swift (umbrella or other) and a ball winder. Then to use the yarn, you really should use lazy kate so that the ball rotates as you pull off the yarn.

You can do it any other way, but take note that you will be adding or removing twist from the yarn by doing so. For some yarns, that will make a huge difference in the finish of the yarn -- and your knitting.

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Here's a new term to me: "lazy kate". What is it?

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Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

It is used for holding spinning wheel bobbins for plying.

I've always wanted to know how to fix that. I'll have to find them then.

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I always wind mine with the ball winder because i like center pull balls. Hate hunting for the end of the yarn.

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I always hand wind my yarn. I do it in such a way that it pulls from the center and is loose and won't stretch the fiber. However i would never wind anything until I am ready to knit it. I store all my yarn in the skeins as it comes. Otherwise the yarn stretches and your garment will shrink when you wash it and that is a bitch!

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I have always hand wound my balls *EG* haha.... I do this with every skein of yarn I buy... but not until I am ready to knit or crochet with it. If I am not ready to use the yarn then it gets stored in a big plastic storage container of which I have quite a few. Most of the time it is to make sure there are no knots or "tie-in's" in the yarn which totally gets on my nerves and usually makes me really mad if I find more than one.... but also if I'm using a variegated yarn I just love to see the color changes coming out of the skein as I'm winding it.