Here is a pic of my first pair of socks!

Can you guess which is sock #1 and which is sock #2? Sorry I have not posted them sooner. Work and school have been eating into my playtime.
I used #4 bamboo DPNs and some cheap Red Heart Dusty Green Acrylic. I couldn't see using real expensive stuff on my training socks.

What I'm going to do is make a bunch of ankle-high socks out of this stuff so that I can get comfortable with the whole sock knitting process. When I'm done, I'll hopefully have the procedure stuck in my brain box and have several pair of house socks to lounge around in.

I have started a pair using some better quality sock yarn just to see what it feels like. The brand is Ditto. It's 75% Super Wash Wool and 25% Polyamide. It feels nice...real nice. In fact I've been thinking that this yarn would make a nice light-weight sweater.....hmmm.


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Great first pair, you are doing very well!



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I'm half way through my first sock (just got through the heel turn). I hope mine come out half as nice as yours. Great job!