First Fair Isle Sweater

Well, here it is. My first attempt at a fair isle sweater. I went cheap with the yarn in case I decided to throw the whole thing into the fire. All in all, I'm kinda proud of it. It's not perfect, but I sure learned a hell of a lot doing it. I used a pattern from the Philospher's Wool company's book - "Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified." I hope you all like it!


You should be proud of it Jim. It's an excellent first attempt and I hope you will repeat the process again. Well done.

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Very nice! Like your color choices too.

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I think it's BEAUTIFUL! Well done!


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Excellent! The colors are beautiful.



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I agree with all. This is amazing. Great job!!!

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Attempted? Don't be so modest - you've succeded and done so beautifully.


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How did you go cheap with yarn? What yarn did you use?

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I'm in awe. I haven't worked up the courage to do a FACECLOTH in colourwork - let alone a sweater.


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

WOW, that is fantastic. Love the colours and the design. You've done yourself proud!

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Very well done. Nice color combination and a beautiful pattern.

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Thanks, guys for all the positive feedback!!
As far as yarn is concerned, cheap is a laughable concept. But, I used Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand. Yeah, it's acrylic, but I thought that if it did end up in the fire, the flames would be impressive!! It is rather heavy for life in Southwest Florida, but it was readily available and I didn't have any feelings of wastefulness as I might if I had bought really good wool.

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"It is rather heavy for life in Southwest Florida"

Shouldn't you be knitting tank tops and Speedos instead of Nordic sweaters?

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Yeah, me in a speedo. I can see that as a felony.
And in wool no less. We can just wait for that one cold day in January - cold, you know, only a high of 55.

Wow. Just - wow. If I ever manage anything that good, I'd wear it if it were 110 degrees outside just to show off my mad needle skills.

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Your sweater looks fantastic, you've done a great job on it.

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Absolutely stunning. Along with all the other comments, your color choices are beautiful. Makes you want to move out of SW Florida, right? After all, I moved from Miami about two years ago. Our nine years in Miami brought my knitting to a stand still. But I've been knitting furiously ever since. Just think what a move could do for your knitting!

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It is a beautiful sweater and I am sure you had lots of fun doing it. Congratulations on a job well done.

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That is a gorgeous sweater. We have some very bold (and I might add well executed) first attempts here on Men Who Knit. Fabulous job.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Looks very nice. Keeping the sweater price down is not hard if you use your left over yarn for the design. I know that I am saving a lot of my yarns for s future colorstranding or Fair Isle style Sweater. You will be amazed what three tones of the same color can do for a design. You should watch the Knitting workshop Dvd By Elizabeth Zimmermann and see how crafty she is using two colors! That's a great JOB!!!!!

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First attempt?? I should be so talented... It is a great looking sweater!