Finished my first sock!

Here's a shot of my first sock. It ain't pretty, but it's comfy. I hope to do a better job on the mate to this one. I somehow goofed up the kitchener stitch at the toe and got things inside-out. That's one reason why the toe looks so square. I also should have started the toe decreases a little sooner. I had a lot of fun making this one and will cast on the other sock today. My wife does these socks two at a time on circular needles.

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Congratulations on your first sock! I'm hoping to tackle socks for the first time this summer. Glad to hear you had a good time with it.

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For being the first sock it looks fantastic. Congratulations!

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I think it looks great! As long as the toe isn't uncomfortable, who cares? GREAT job.


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Great job on your first sock. It looks better than my first one.



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It's a hell of a lot better then my first sock. What yarn are you using?


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Thanks for your kind words. The yarn is nothing special. Red Heart sport weight acrylic in Dusty Green.

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That's what I get for being uppity. Nothing special is what I've been looking for in sock yarn and the lys doesn't carry "nothing special". Off to the WalMart.

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Great job! If the sock fits.........wear it!

Outdoes my first attempts, for sure - the only redemption was trying to make the same mistakes twice so they'd match.

Looks fantastic. Cant wait to see the pair!