Sock it to me?

Yep, this newbie knitter neophyte is knitting his first sock. Just using a Red Heart sport weight here. But I did buy a skein of Tofutsies and a couple skeins of Happy Feet Merino/Nylon blend for future socks >>insert maniacal laughter here

It felt so cool to turn my first heel. I've only been knitting since January, but I think I'm really becoming addicted. I've been secretly building my private stash of yarns, needles and patterns. There is just so much I want to learn. I just hope I have enough time for it all.

I even quit smoking...not because my doctor said so...not because the surgeon general said so. Not because the emphysema and cancer patients I've taken care of said so. No, I quit smoking so that I will hopefully have more years to knit. Now I ask you guys is that sick or what? BTW knitting has been a great help while going cold turkey. I get the craving for tobacco and I pick up the needle...knitting needle that is.

The baby blanket is still moving along, and the lace weight feather and fan project is still alive too. The garter stitch scarf is for times when I really need something mindless to work on or there is a high probability that I'll be interrupted.

I just want to thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I'm so glad I found this group.


That's fantastic! I'm currently working on my first pair of socks (my blog has the "knitty gritty" specifics)... Let me just say -- I've already broken two needles, and I'm not even to the toe of the first sock!

Anyway, knitting helped me quit, too -- amazing, isn't it? Now, if we could only convince about 75,000 more guys out there to pick up some needles, that would be great!

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Your sock looks great! I'm currently working on my third pair - I'm completely addicted to sock making. I quit smoking in November and couldn't have done it without knitting. I started out with hats and graduated to socks and will be working on my first sweater vest soon.

Sometimes I panic when I think of all the things I want to knit.


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I have to agree that your sock looks great, Welcome and congratulations. Socks are my next Projects in queue! Or is it on Queue! Anyway they are next in line ha ha ha!

Excellent, good for you, for the great socks and for the giving up smoking. The socks look fantastic and cant wait to see a picture of the finished pair. I know what you mean about being addicted as Im sure we all do! Every waking moment I seem to have needles and yarn in my hands. Its great isn't it! Congratulations for quitting the cigarettes, some day very soon I'll be doing the same, I know how hard it must have been for you. I've had 3 failed attempts.


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And just think, all that money you spent on cigarettes you can now spend on YARN!!

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Just this morning i was thinking i needed to learn to knit socks due to the freezing weather here at the moment and i join up here and everyone's going sock mad!

I'm about the do the same with the smoking. i tell myself that the ~$100 i spend a month on cigarettes can now go to better quality yarn and more of it [and renting a new computer since this ones about to die]. I cant do both so the cigarettes have to go! and i love my cigarettes dearly but they are smoking me out of house and home!

from one addiction [smoking] to another [knitting] i suppose...

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socks will keep you warmer than smokes ;)

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