Finally....My first completed project.

I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get something completed. The garter stitch scarf is still in progress. I use it at work when there is a likely chance I'll be interrupted.

The baby blanket for my grandson is about 50% done. I have to un-knit 180 stitches to correct a slight problem. I'm using circular needles, and I accidently kept knitting all the way around. I got distracted at work and wasn't paying attention. So, unless I want a baby-sized knitted sausage casing instead of a blanket, I'll have to rip it back.

The project I ended up finishing was the Feather and Fan scarf. The yarn is just some worsted acrylic the wife had laying around. I had so much fun that I've started another one using Jamieson & Smith Shetland 2-ply lace-weight. It will have 2 repeats of the pattern across the width. I'm using the Addi Turbo Lace #9 needles.

I've also started knitting Christmas scarves for the 8 people I work with at the group home. Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and Red Hart Light & Lofty with #15 needles should do the trick. I think I'll be working on these instead of the garter stitch scarf which was just for me anyways.


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Good for you. NIce scarf. A baby sleeping bag might work.


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It's a beautiful scarf. The baby blanket sausage story cracks me up. I should start on my Christmas stuff now too. I say that every year.


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Beautiful scarf, you have made impressive progress.



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*grin* Feather and fan can be fun - Let us know how the two-ply shetland works up...

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Great job! That first FO feels good doesn't it?


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Very nicely done! I like the subtle terracotta color and the lace work is impressive.

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Totally off topic, but who and what is the birdy baby you have on your shoulder in your picture?

I have two: a quaker parakeet named Coco....18 years old, she is THE dominant queen b*tch of my household. Then there's Gandalf, a Timneh African Grey. At 14, he's my teen-aged bad boy. He'll sing: "Hey, Hey, Good Lookin'...Whatcha got cookin'.." and then slyly add on "....a bird?"

Not that I'm obsessed with feathered pets or anything....(grin!)

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Very nice. I love the color too. I just blocked a wrap (last night) that I did in the feather and fan pattern. Pictures will be posted soon!