Men Who Knit SF

Men Who Knit - San Francisco, it's time to come together and play with needles! Our short-notice, inaugural gala will be tomorrow night at the Three Dollar Bill Cafe at 1800 Market St @ Octavia at 7:00PM (disregard whatever it says above, if different). Bring something to knit and we'll have a good time!


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I'll be there with bells on! I'll even begin a new project while we're there! Come one, come all!  Bring a friend and come meet some new people!

gosh...i really, really want to go tonight...however, I have a prior you guys have fun and maybe plan something again not too far in the future...i'm doing a lot of holiday scarf knitting and would love to hang out sometime...

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I'm hoping this turns into a weekly thing, so hopefully another opportunity will present itself very, very soon!