I enjoy knitting because...

it relaxes me.
55% (97 votes)
I love making beautiful artwork.
23% (40 votes)
it entertains me when I'm bored.
6% (11 votes)
it's challenging.
12% (21 votes)
it's a great source of income.
4% (7 votes)
Total votes: 176


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Chris,  I like this poll.  I never thought of my work as "artwork" but more craft as in the medieval "kroft" done by the knitting guilds.  I love to make something beautiful and useful with my hands and since I can't get the hang of the woodworking thing, I'll stick to the needles and wool.  I'm a huge fan of the Arts & Crafts movement from the turn of the last century.  I try to live by William Morris' saying, "Have nothing in your life that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful" (and that includes my hubby).  Cheers, Jesse

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I do it because I can... it helps me to relax, instead of hunting something to kill when I get upset or angry. Kinda like the "biker's motto" - if you have to ask why, you wouldn't understand the answer

did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.

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I think knitting is the perfect combination of usefulness and art.

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Too bad we can't select multiple responses.  I voted for "It relaxes me" because that's probably the number one reason I knit, but it's followed closely by "I love making beautiful artwork", especially when it's going to my family.

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I'm intrigued by the "great souce of income" choice.  Maybe it's because I'm an inexperienced knitter, but I can't imagine it being cost-effective for me to sell the things I make.  A cat toy takes me between an hour and a half and 2 hours to make and if I found a buyer, I might be able to sell them for $3 each.  The materials might cost me 50¢ so all my work would be worth $2.50.  I wouldn't even get out of bed for a job that paid me $1.25/hr.  For a dishrag, I suppose I could sell them for $5, but they take me between 4 and 6 hours to make and cost probably 75¢ for the yarn.  There, my time would be worth 70¢ - $1 per hour; again not worth getting out of bed for.

Granted, I'll probably get better at it and start whipping out projects more quickly.  Still, I don't see it being a profitable activity.  I do it because I like it and I get to do something creative with my free time. 

I'd like to know what kind of projects you guys who voted for "great source of income" are making and just how profitable they can be.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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I knit because it relaxes me and I enjoy doing something that is creative and useful.  I have a tendency to multi task, and this is a great way to do that.  I am also meeting many other creative people that share this craft, especially other guys.

I agree about the idea that someone can actually make money knitting.  I prefer to use high quality fibers, and with the cost of the yarn combined with my time, people rarely want to pay the cost.  I was in an art show last Fall.  My scarves, and the scarves and hats of another knitter, ranged from $25 - $125.  I took one order for a scarf to be done in another color than what I had, while another craft knitter sold dozens of scarves for $5 each.  If she looked at her time, plus the cost of her materials, she lost money.  My needles sold very well, but the knitted goods just layed there.  If anyone has suggestions how to sell the higher end kitted goods, please share your ideas.

Doug   (Parrot)

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to create something out of a ball of yarn and two sticks is still amazing to me after all these years. don't think it will ever get old. however, i find it difficult to do just a garment of stockinette stich...i need soemthing that keeps my attention and makes me curse once in a while, maybe even throw it across a room. yes, me and my knitting get into fights sometimes. we always make up though. so that is why i dont find it relaxing.....well maybe a little bit