Fun at ArtFibers

I've read of people spending three hours in a yarn store and now I, I'm happy to say, am one of those people.

I have been dreaming of double-pointed needles for the past few days. I'm ready to makes hats and gloves! Having been to Imagiknit, I decided to spread my wings and try a new store - ArtFibers.

ArtFibers is awesome! I spoke with Roxanne on the phone prior to going and when I got to the store, both she and Kira were a big help. Roxanne took a look at my pattern and showed me their yarns which would achieve that guage. I sat in the "Yarn Tasting Area" and, with Kira's help, worked on a few swatches until we found the right yarn/needle combination. She told me I knit "really, really, really tight" but I'm not sure how to knit more loosely... The yarn specs at 19s=4" with some #8's, but I got 21s=4" with #9's. Look out!

The yarn I got is gorgeous... it's 70% extrafine merino wool and 30% silk and is a mix of deep, dark navy, eggplant, a greenish-brown, and some jewel-tones of each of those. The colors are very rich and complex, yet the transitions are very subtle. I'm going to attempt some fingerless gloves!


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I'm so jealous of your trip. I'm having LYS-lust.

There's a new yarn store opening up on Solano Ave., in Berkeley/Albany near(ish) my work. I wandered there for "meeting" with a co-worker, but the place is empty (as in brand-new, gutted storefront, with no fixtures or internal walls) with a "coming soon" banner in the window. The name: stash—yarn + inspiration .

Also, on 24th St. in San Francisco, Noe Knit is new. The windows are covered in sheets (a more fabric-y means than papering or soaping them?). It's closer to my house than ImagiKnits. Can't wait to check it out, too!