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Debbie Stoller's "Stitch 'n Bitch" has breathed new life in to the ancient art of knitting. A new generation of crafty hipsters have emerged to carry on the old ways and create fun, fashion-forward designs while exploring the yin and yang of needle and yarn.

I see people, guys and girls, knitting everywhere these days - cafes, in the park, on the bus. Knitting is trendy! To think my grandmother is still alive to see this day. She's always been ahead of her time, though.

As gender roles break down in our society and the popularity of female boxing grows, it seems only natural that men should learn the way of the purl.

MenWhoKnit.com seeks to build a community for guys interested in knitting. Our ranks are growing and there are indeed benefits in numbers. I encourage you to create a knitting blog and share your projects and patterns, seek advice in the forums, and get to know other users. Let's make a good site!