Durham Knitting Charity

Hey, one of my little fiber groups here in town is starting a project, and if anyone is hankering to use up a hank, check out this e-mail!

Our group project is underway! After much back and forth, and many excellent ideas, we've settled on something fairly simple to do but still unusual and creative:
The blanket will be a brick/stone wall. (On at least one edge some the "bricks" stick out so it's not just a big rectangle.)
* Please make "Squares" that are 4 x 8 "
* Use colors in brick or stone tones - mostly reds - all kinds - and earth tones; some "Stone" colors ok too
* Use an interesting stitch or pattern, unless the yarn is just fascinating all by itself
* Any fiber content ok for this time
* Knit, crochet, weave, quilt, felt, embroider...
If we can get 24 squares done by mid-December, we can decide whether to put it together or keep going and make it bigger. (I'd actually like to aim for "bigger...") Please feel free to pass the word to your string-oriented near and dear.
The blanket will be donated to the Carolina Outreach Foundation. They will give it to a local family in their program. http://www.carolinaoutreachfoundation.org/index.html
(If this one goes well, we'll probably try another one - several good ideas about plant or animal themes...)
Happy Thanksgiving!

If anyone is interested, just let me know...it should be pretty cool!