Second Vest finished

I just had to do the arm and neck borders on this one. As you can see from the signature it was started in 2006. (Morelia is the name of the city where I live.) It is an all over pattern from Sheila McGregor's book on Fair Isle Knitting. Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool on 3.25 mm needles.

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Beautiful work! What is the pattern called? Are there any Mexican knitting traditions that you have come across?

excellent job! I like how you did the name and date too.

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I love the pattern! Great work!

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Ron, it looks great.... eagerly awaiting a photo of the full garment.

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Very impressive. My goal is to soon start working with two and three colors... learn how to do fair isle etc. Beautiful work. Great idea... knitting in your name and date like that.


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Beautiful, Love the signature inside.

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Fantastic workmanship! I love the 2-colour pattern and how well it stands out. I never thought of signing my work; what a great idea! It reminds me of the knitters who put names into traditional ganseys. I really admire your knitting. I want to see more!

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This is fabulous, and I'm really impressed. The signature is a novel touch.

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That is some wonderful color work!! I'm very impressed!! In fact, I'm in awe... ^_^