recipe for road rage

Forgive the text-only entry, I will post images of my new scarf. It was finished last Tuesday night as I watched the election returns. I try to comfort myself by thinking that as I was weaving in the ends (it's a striped scarf), that I was weaving hope for the future. The thing looks great, and will keep my neck and soul plenty warm for the next four years.

On my way to work, I found a new use for red traffic lights. [Kids, don't try this at home. What follows is completely reckless and should not be condoned.] I've started my first sweater and after casting on 189 freaking stitches, not to mention hours spent gaining only an inch in rows, I realize this thing is gonna take a  L O N G  time. In order to avoid freeway traffic to cross over the Bay Bridge, I wind my way through San Francisco to get on on 8th Street.

There are many traffic signals between my home and there, so when safely stopped and no longer moving, I reach over to my passenger seat and grab my knitting bag and knit a few. Every stitch counts, no? I, of course, am very careful not to start a stitch that I can't finish, so as not to hold up traffic. And, I would never dream of knitting while driving, unless it's me in the passenger seat. It certainly has changed my attitude to car congestion and I look forward to delays. It's a little, blissful, knitting gift from the Universe.

As if I didn't fetishize taking public transporation enough already... think of the knitting that could get done. I'd probably miss my stop just in order to get another row done.