The Whole Thing

As requested here is a picture of the completed vest. I just had to do the borders. Two more to go.


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Did you knit this flat or in the round and then cut?

That is so beautiful....thanks for the full shot!

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I knit it in the round and then cut it. I couldn't imagine knitting fair isle back and forth.

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Really fantastic! As a fellow FI enthusiast, I admire your excellent work. How many colours did you use? I like the black background on some of the design rows. The floats are nicely even. Is is a 1x1 ribbing? How do you carry the 2 colour strands - in each other of both in one or the other? I'm envious that you can select the colourway all by yourself! Let's see the other garments!

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Color choice is exquisite. I love the patterns in understated natural tones--nothing to eclipse the design. Beautiful work, but I still am too timid to enter those fair isle waters. :)

Thanks for showing the whole garment. I love the muted colours and the little band of hearts. Well done.

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Thank you for your kind comments. Jesse, the bottom and armhole bands are 2x2 and the button band is st st double (I knit 7 rows purled one row and then knit 7 more and it folded on itself on the purl row). I sometimes carry the wool in each hand or just in my right hand. I used only three colours.

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Amazing work. Now do we get to see you model it?

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How beautiful. Wonderful colours! Asplund

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Beautiful! thank you for the picture.

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I I must agree with everyone, excellent work.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.