a whole new blog

darn it, I just lost my first entry. chock-full of witticism, it was. here's the truncated synopsis:

I'm a new knitter, just started a scant month ago. my dear friend Betsy taught me.

I'm three hats and one scarf (that needs its ends woven in) down. I've just started swatches for a sweater.

Here are the fruits of my labor thus far. Size 13 circular needles, CO 48, *K3, P1, repeat to desired length, then stitch up the top. Yarn used: Iceland (100% wool) and Fizz (sorry, K.C.)

my first project

the one I wear, kitty-ear style.

his hat

my man's, a different orientation, Fizz-free.


my synchronized swiming partner, 1/2 and 1/2.

More photos and projects to follow. Looking forward to the next knitting assembly.

Thanks, D, for creating this. Our revolution will not be woven.