Scarferrific scarf

Knitted Scarf

This is a scarf I made in 1997, I also knitted a sweater with the matching colors.  It was a very beautiful sweater. Very Heavy. It had all kinds of yarn, from Icelandic Wool, to some mohair to acrycic.  I may get motivated and make some sweaters, I want to buy those  detachable circular needles.  Does anyone has them, the ones you change the tips, How will you rate them.


I am interested in those needles kits but prefer bamboo at the moment and as far as I know they are only made in metal. Alas we have no JoAnn or Michaels here in Manhattan.

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I'm with you, Kev!  The biggest attraction for me is the fact that everything is in one little case and not in a birdnest at the bottom of my knitting bag.  There are a few brands of interchangebles out there.  Denise seems to be the brand everyone is raving about.  I haven't bought a set, yet, but I also haven't heard many negative comments.  Everyone I've talked to that owns them seems to love them.

Martin, there is a set of bamboo interchangebles, too.  WEBS sells them on their website (, which is also a great place for inexpensive yarn and tons of other things.

Boye also makes a set of interchangebles called NeedleMaster.  You can find them here:

I have the Boye's NeedleMaster. I really like them and certainly have gotten my money from them. The only complaint I have against them is that sometimes they begin to unscrew from the cable if they aren't put on tight enough, and then they snag your yarn. But it's only a problem if I don't put them on correctly, and I consider that a small price to pay for the convience of having everything organized and tucked away in a small case. I'd recommend them to anyone who will use circulars, prefers metal, and hasn't got a thing for speed, like my wife, who will only use Addi turbos or Susan Bates Silvalumes because that seam in interchangables slows her down, she says.

I have not tried the Denise interchangables, but just from looking at them, I'm not wild about them. I'm not sure what they're made of, but it looks like plastic. I'm not a fan of plastic needles. They are too slow for me. Also, all the Denise needles are a flat, grayish color, whereas the Boyes are in a variety of colors. Although they are not manly colors, I do appreciate that I can tell my 8s from my 10s because the 8s are blue and the 10s are red. If you get the Denise needles, be sure you have a needle gauge.

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