Spring is here.

Today is the first day of Spring and I'm extremely grateful. Friends and family have pointed out the fact that Wyoming often has wintry conditions until mid-May but we've had a long warm spell this past week and I don't mind a bit. As I told them, "Even if we are having snow and cold, it still matters that it is Spring and we can anticipate the longer days and the return of warm weather."

It has also encouraged me to get knitting and finish up the ongoing projects that have dragged out for the past several months: a shawl/scarf; a hat; the first of a pair of socks, and a washcloth. [Let alone the liturgical stole that was frogged after a couple of years, restarted and then left idle for several months.]

I hope you are all blessed with warm weather and lots of time to knit.

Take care.


ronhuber's picture

The same to you, Joe. Have been in Canada since the first of March with lots of winter weather but yesterday I was able to get out and walk on clear sidewalks. Happy knitting.