Can I Soften Scratchy Wool?

Awhile ago, I bought some Irish wool that I got for a sweater from an online store. When I got the wool, I realized that it was too scratchy so I set it aside. Recently, I decided that I would use it to make an afghan, but I'd like to soften it up a bit once I am finished. I am in my third of ten skeins, so it'll be awhile before I am done.

I have read that hair conditioner helps, but most are highly perfumed. I have also read that glycerin works, as well as vinegar.

Have any of you ever soften wool using any of these methods? Do you have any methods of your own that work?

Thanks, guys!



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I soak all wool in hair conditioner. The wool is soft and blooms beautifully.

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Thanks, Ron!

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A friend says that the Soak products are helpful with scratchiness but I don't know that from personal experience. Plus, there is the perfume factor again. Maybe a plant-based soap - like Ecos or Seventh Generation - would be a help. They rinse cleaner and soften regular clothing as there aren't any petroleum-based components.

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