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Hey, guys! Been nearly 8 years since I've been on, and a lot has changed! But I have a serious question:

I'm finished with the body and one sleeve of a traditional Norwegian style sweater for my son. 100% baby alpaca, and it's turning out awesome... But I've hit a stumbling block. I want to do the traditional neckline with embroidery and a pewter frog, but I can't find a pattern for the cloth/embroidered portion.

I've seen a blog entry

Which shows how the material is set in. Makes sense. But how do you make THE MATERIAL PORTION??? My sewing skills are quite good, but without a pattern, I see this becoming shaped in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Help? (Photo attached FYE)

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I think you'll have to create your own pattern for the embroidered piece. The links in the article are broken, but they refer to sewing a cut edge, not turned under or hemmed. That would suggest a fine light weight wool fabric which could just be cut and "overcast" sewn at the edge. Google "Setesdal Sweater" and you'll find lots of links.

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I just read this entry and I wanted to comment on how lovely the jumper looks which you are knitting. I have always liked the B&W stranded Norwegian garments. And, there's nothing cuter than dancing reindeer! I can't help with the sewing part as I gave up sewing long ago (because I wasn't very good at it to getting with). Eight years is a long time to be absent; I hope you'll be back to show us the finished garment.

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Thanks! I'm about to post finished pictures... it came out way nicer than I feared!!