Sock Yarn Shawl

Hi guys,
I have never made a shawl before, so I thought I'd give it a try. I decided to go with sock yarn because my 90-year-old mom is small in stature and I thought that the smaller stitching would look good on her. I did use size US8 needles, so the stitching isn't as tight, obviously, as it would be on a sock. I'll save that for another day or year! The yarn I am using is Stroll Fingering from Knit Picks, 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% nylon. The pattern calls for 435 yards, so I bough 2 balls of 50g/231yds.

This project has two more sections, one with 5 ridges of 4-row lace work followed by the 12 rows of stockinette, then one with 6 ridges of lace and 12 rows of stockinette. So, it's 2/3 done. It's amazing how careful I have had to be not to mess this up. As simple as the stitching is, my brain gets distracted with so many repetitions. I spend a lot of time knitting to a silent house. It works!

I'll post another picture when it is finished and blocked.


shawl 2/3 done


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Lovely work, Mark. And the sock yarn means it is machine washable.

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Thanks for the compliment. Yes it is machine washable, which is something that my mother will be happy about.

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Very nice work. I have a shawl for myself in the queue but it will have to wait until 3 other projects are done - or nearly done.

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Thanks, Joe. I am pleased with it.


Very fine work and does look like would require a lot of concentration. Look forward to your next pics.


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Thanks Anth. It is all finished now and I am hoping that it grows a bit more once I block it. If not, I will try to pick up the bound-off edge and add a few more inches. I'll post a picture once it's finished.