Open knitting

There is is a project called open knitting. Which is a interesting development as home machine knitting has sort of stalled because the machines available are antiques or 20+ years old.

The web site of the designer:

Watch the video it is interesting I tried to embed the video into the html code but wasn't successful. Worth watching.

For me I started out hand knitting but migrated to machine knitting simple because to many projects and to little time. I have recently just added two more jumpers to my list of projects. :-( The list gets longer...

But I do miss the complexity of patterns possible with hand knitting. These days with computers I lament the fact there is not a modern home machine available.

When you think all our clothing is generally made on knitting machines. I sort of hope for a renaissance in machine knitting.

And then I could concentrate on the design.

I am hoping in retirement, sounds futuristic and a few years away. To retire in the mountains with a coffee shop. Where customers can order a coffee and on a iPad design a sweater that while they wait sipping their coffee is knitted on a machine with local yarn. Just in time.

Great idea but one problem being the machine hasnt been invented. I hope with the open source knitting it will become a reality.

Lastly I do appreciate most knitters handknit and so hope my posts are not to much of a distraction.


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I agree. I used to machine knit on a brother, but had to sell in a move. I just bought a used Passap but haven't been able to use because of time and missing parts. I will have to YouTube instructions. Cheers.


Hi Cris sorry didn't see your comment until now.

I just brought a used Passap DM80 myself. You can get spare parts from this guy in Canada

However can be expensive. I have myself brought spare needles and "strippers" etc... so I can continue to use my machine for a few more years yet.

Cheers Anth