3 year old Raglan Jumper

I been knitting for about a year now so starting to get all the techniques coming together. I created this sweater for my partner cousin who has had a baby. I now will start knitting the baby's brother the same sweater but size 6 in a blue color.

Also I recently upgraded my knitting software to "Cochenille Design Studio" and have been pleased with the pattern shaping being more refined. The simple instructions help also reduce mistakes.

I have a really basic machine Singer (Silver Reed) LK150 mid gauge plastic bed so everything is manual, no ribber cartridge.

Machine knitting can be tedious if try and do complicate patterns so the hand dyed wool from "Skein Yarns" helps make the sweater more interesting and is a real treat to knit on the machine and looks good.

I finally got the ribbing right and the technique I used means no additional binding off. The neckline is better as well no gaps and neater.

Some photos attached.

How I embedded the image in my text. I clicked the "image.jpg" to learn the URL link for my photo. I then I added the following html tag for the imaged labelled "finished".

<img src="http://menwhoknit.com/files/image_91.jpg">

Interesting facts:

Used 2 "skeins" or balls of wool, estimated three so happy had enough.
Wool is machine washable (4ply) ea. ball contains 400m.
Gauge: Hor 23.7 and Vert. 36.8

Some links:

http://www.cochenille.com - Great software for creating patterns.

http://skeinyarn.com - great yarn especially for color

- great blog link that helped me improve my neckline technique.

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What a nice sweater; I hope the blue one is as successful.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Yeah I hope the blue will be as good. Cheers