Sweater Design Suggestions, Please

Hi guys,
I am making a very simple raglan sweater just now and want to spice up the chest area and perhaps the back as well, with a simple design that would make about a 5-7" swatch going horizontally. I have found some nice simple combinations of knits and purls but so far nothing for knitting in the round. I am finding that the second row on a flat garment doesn't translate into the second row of knitting in the round. I have found some horizontal striping that works well with knits and purls on both flat and circular patterns, but I was hoping for a bit more of a design and perhaps not quite as bold as full-body striping.

Any suggestions?




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Hey Mark,
Do you mean the flat patterns don't translate right even if you remember to convert WS rows' purls to knits and knits to purls? Or did you forget about that? (Probably didn't but just in case. .. )

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I forgot about that. I'm excellent at forgetting. So, it's as simple as just translating?

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For me, knitting any pattern (colour work, cables, texture with knits and purls) is easier in the round because the public side is always in view and you can see what is going on.

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I agree Ron. I am still struggling though with finding something that looks nice and is subtle and as simple as just translating the pattern as was suggested. :(


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You might wish to check out the patterns found in a fisherman's gansey. They are worked in purl brocade and easily adapt to various styles of sweaters. Lots of luck - and fun - tracking down that just right design...whichever type you finally choose.

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Thanks, Joe. I will look into that. I just pulled up lots of images on Google images and I like what I am seeing.