Question about Bruce Weinstein Henley Sweater

The posting below was made before Ron helped me figure things out. I hadn't read the very last set of instructions in the pattern, so I missed that I need to go back after completing the sweater and pick up stitches at the very first row, do a k1xp1 and then fold under and hem. Silly me. Thanks Ron!

Hi Guys,
I am going to start working on Bruce Weinstein's sweater Raglan-Sleeved Henley as presented in his book Knits Men Want, p. 56 and I'm stuck on the very first row. Duh!

Its the first Increase Row (rs) in the Shape Raglan section. He says, "Begin St st. K1-f/b, 4 times, knit to last st, k1-f/b. Work even for 1 row.

My question is: Do you think he means I should begin a Stockinette stitch and then the "work even for 1 row" means to purl back? I looked at the photo of the collar and it looks as though it is stockinette. Otherwise, if I just knit back and forth for what amounts to 10 rows, it would end up being a collar of garter stitch.

The reason I am also confused is that after a couple increases if I use stockinette stitch, the collar rolls. If I continue like that, will that stop rolling once I block it?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. I have an email in to Bruce, but not sure if he will answer it any time soon.


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If you were doing st st. you would purl back and it would look like you have to purl until it is joined in the round below the henley opening. If that is the first row, have you looked at the finishing section. Are the stitches picked up and then a hem is made that would be tacked down to the inside. Are you sure that the first increase row is the first row of the sweater and that there is not a few rows of ribbing? Without a hem or ribbing it is going to curl forever.

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Hi Ron,
I just read the entire pattern and wouldn't you know, the very last set of instructions tell me to go back and pick up stitches around the neck and do a p1xk1 stitch to fold under. I never would have thought to read through the entire pattern again if you hadn't mentioned that. Thanks for raising my awareness.


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hahaha The reason I mentioned it, is because it happened to me many years ago. Good luck. I love the look of the collar and the opening.