"Messages" down? UPDATE

August 20, 2015--The message about unable to send e-mail is still showing up. However, the green message "Message sent to ..." is there. Is the private message system separate from the e-mail links, or what? Sorry to belabor this but I want to be assured my private messages are going through.

I replied to a private message today and it wouldn't go through...an "Unable to send e-mail" notice popped up. Even when I tried to contact Darrel about the problem. So, Dave, I did reply to your message and it shows on our conversation thread on my end...I hope it is on yours also.

What can I do to send the reply if it didn't?


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Hi Joe,
I tried to contact someone via the email on here as well and got the error message as well. Not sure if the person got the email or not. Let me know if you find anything out. Thanks.