Socks are finally done

Oh my how socks can take a long time when you don't work on them everyday. I started these socks about 4 months ago and after a year-long study of socks, I lost interest midway through the first sock. I'm sure you can all sympathize with how hard it was to push through the second sock. But, now I am confident that I can make socks holes...thanks to the Evil Sock Genius!

The photos show a purple hue, but there is no purple in it, just the blues and black/greys. You will note that there is a color change...and none to the top of the leg. Well, my son wanted calf-high socks but I didn't think I would have enough to do that. So, I went for a simple black superwash merino wool and that did the trick. I figure no one would see them under his pant legs anyway.

I am now searching for just the right raglan sweater to knit for him for Christmas. I want something with cables, but don't want something that is all cables, perhaps something on the yoke, or some simple cabling in the front and along the arm. If you know of any that I might try, give me a shout!






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Beautifully done, Mark!

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Great looking socks.

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Very nice socks. I like the color combination and the black tops are a good idea...I've made the toes of my top downs a coordinating color before, as well.

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Thanks Joe,
Thanks for the compliment. Had my son told me he wanted them longer, I would have done the toe and heel in black and then I would have had enough to make the leg the same color as the sock. Gotta love the requests of non-knitters. LOL I love that he will enjoy wearing them.


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Hi Rex,
Welcome to MWK. I also saw your profile on Ravelry. You are a fine knitter. The Evil Sock Genius is the pattern that I like most. I spent a year studying socks and with the help of others on here like Joe in Wyoming and Ken in Maine, I am happy with where I am in my sock evolution. The thing I like best about this pattern is that you never end up with a hole when knitting the heel and gusset. The creator of the pattern thought of everything! This pattern is a very good one to use as a template for other designs too. I haven't done that yet, but I have a few cable designs in my head that I really should get down on paper. You and I aren't that far apart here in Florida, so if you need some help, let me know. I am FAR from an expert, but I can help with the basics.
Keep in touch!


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you might check out the basic Ann Norling sock pattern. Top down, on double points. Her pattern has charts for all weights of yarn.