Crochet help?

Hi Guys,
I have a friend who does crochet work. He just made a hat for his grandson. When I held it, naturally I tested it for stretchiness for the last row. Since it is for a young boy, I think it will fit fine. But I was wondering, if any of you crochet, is there a stretchy bindoff that crocheters use when finishing a hat? I found lots of ways to use a crochet hook to bind off in knitting but none for crocheting? Thanks in advance if anyone can steer me and my friend in the right direction.



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When I want a stretchy bind off in crochet I add some chain stitches between stitches. Usually one every third or fourth stitch gives enough stretch.

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Thanks. I'll pass that along to my friend.

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You can also use a bigger hook for the last row. Crochet does not have much stretchiness, unless the yarn is stretchy. There are many techniques that will give you a stretchier crochet last row.

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Thanks Andy. Do you happen to know any good sites or resources for the many techniques? I'd appreciate it. I'll tell my friend about the larger hook.

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There really isn't a bind off in crochet . . . . but the larger hook idea is a good one!

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Thanks, Ken. I have learned that there is no real bind off. My friend thought I was silly because I didn't know that, but he did like the larger hook idea.