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I've just finished this row for lace *k2, yo, k2tog*, repeat * till last 4sts, k1, m1r, k3
Then it show to work as for Lace Insert #1 (Rows 1-16)
When I go back to those instructions it reads it as k3, m1L, k2, *yo, k2tog, k2* repeat till the wrapped stitch.
Here is my question, since there is no * after the word repeat, do they want me to run the entire k3, m1L, k2, *yo, k2tog, k2* or was it a mistake and they forgot the * after the word repeat and they only want me to *yo, k2tog, k2* ? It appears from the previous pattern instructions they forgot to put the * after the word repeat. I'd hate to have to pull out hours of lace. Thank you


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Hello Madfwest,
I'm sure they mean repeat what is between the *s, that is *yo, k2tog, k2*.
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Thank you

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For what it is worth a week late, I agree.

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I agree. You repeat what is between the *. What are you knitting. I have been knitting lace for the past four years. Mostly shawls. Did a tablecloth this spring. It was a Herbert Niebling pattern.