Halligarth Shawl....again!

Could someone give me some tips on adding the border to this shawl. Have all my live stitches on my circular needles, but for the life of me, can't figure out how to do the cast on of the 6 stitches to start the border....Help! (Please


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You have finished the shawl and the last stitch is on the right hand needle with the yarn attached to it. Simply take the yarn and make 6 stitches on the right hand needle. I usually just make a loop around my left thumb and stick the right hand needle into it. Or you can just wind the yarn around the needle 6 times. Now you have 6 stitches on the needle with yarn attached to the end of them and can start knitting. I usually use a double pointed needle to do this instead of the other end of the circular. Once you start you will see why this is important. Sometimes depending on the pattern you have to knit this row because it is the back of the knitting before you start your pattern but in most cases it is just garter stitch. I am about to knit off over 950 stitches and am glad I know how to knit backwards - if you don't you will be turning that big and heavy shawl every 6 stitches. Good luck

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Ron is quite correct. At the end of the last row, just turn and add some stitches at the very end. Much the same as you would do when working a buttonhole, or other places. I usually do a cable cast-on, but it all depends on the finish you need to do. If I will have to graft the ending to the beginning, I will do a provisional cast-on, or you can just do a backward loop cast-on. I suppose it really doesn't matter much, as long as you get those stitches on the needle. You normally only add a few stitches, probably no more than 20, so whatever your preferred method is acceptable. After that, it is just a lot of tedious knitting! There will be a lot of rows to knit as every two rows works off ONE stitch that is left on the circular. But it does look spectacular, and gives you a stretchy "cast-off" of all these stitches. Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl!

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Ok, the Shawl is finished and now I'm confronted by a curling "Applied Border". Any suggestions on how to deal with this as opposed to blocking. Are there any techniques to stop this happening?
Thanks all for all the guidance through this project. I love the end result apart from the curling Applied Border. Will post a pic shortly.
Once again thanks to everyone for the advice, especially "tall guy" and "Ron"

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I am finishing up a blanket and decided on a garter stitch sideways border. It is flipping to the back instead of the front. When I had done this before it always flipped to the front and I thought by joining it with "knit two together through the back" would rectify this but it did not. I know from past experience that it will be flat after the blocking. I guess if you did not want to block it you could use a steam iron on the seam where you joined the border to the shawl (only if you did not use an acrylic yarn). However, I would certainly recommend blocking it. The stretching involved in the blocking process evens out the stitches and the shawl is always much softer after the soaking it gets.