"June" socks are finished...finally.

The June socks took almost 2 months to get off the needles. However, that still keeps me in the game - for what that's worth.
They are tube socks knit like the previous pair, just with sock weight yarn and size 2.25 mm/US 1 needles. I used four needles [3 to hold stitches, knitting with the 4th] but still feel it distorted some of the stitches at the change points - the reason I prefer knitting with 5 needles. However, for the pattern to retain even stitch counts, I had to go with four.
The yarn is Berocco "Comfort" and was pretty decent to knit up - though the way it is plied there was an occasional split yarn to deal with.
Now, I can do a fairly plain pair of socks for July...I'm tired of all spiral patterns. For now, anyway.

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The socks are beautiful. I love how the colour stripes are horizontal and the pattern is diagonal. Lovely work.

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Thanks, Ron. That is one of the intriguing things about this spiral: The knits and purls lie flat when working them then twist slightly as the pattern relaxes. The entire sock draws up slightly once finished so it was a real bearcat to make certain the lengths came out even. Not even measuring with a ruler was much help and counting the ridges was a huge challenge. In future, I think the answer will be to use a row counter to track the repeats of the pattern, making a careful note as to when the toe begins. Still, overall, I am pleased with how it knit up but wouldn't necessarily recommend it to a novice knitter.

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Excellent work! It looks very fine knitting, and I'm sure they are comfortable on the foot. Would you have a pic of it ON a foot? From my past experience, the pattern seems to change when worn. And I also understand that you can twist it on the foot so that the spirals are more or less pronounced. Very interesting effect with the patterning too!

I don't quite understand why you say you need to keep the stitch counts even. What purpose does that serve? I have done socks (always using 5 needles) and don't care if the stitch count is uneven at times. I have had 20 on one needle and 14 on the next. Does it matter? Depends on what is needed for the pattern. Sometimes I will split a rib (for example) with one knit on the last needle and the other half of the rib on the next. As long as I have the start of the round marked, the rest just has to fall into place!

To avoid the distortion marks between needles, I tend to shift the stitches on the needles from time to time. That is, work 2-3 extra stitches when coming to the end of a needle all around the round. The distortions, if any, then move over and will never appear as a vertical line. In the case of a spiral, where the start of a round is doesn't really matter that much either. I use a yarn stitch marker, and that can be used as a row counter as well.

As for keeping the socks the same length, it may be best in this case to work them 2-at-a-time on a long circular. And then every round would be exactly the same!

Still, very impressed by your work. I know this pattern can be ever so tedious to do -- the same stitch over and over and over, round and round and round -- but the results are worth it. So what are you doing for July?

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Thanks for the comments. They are a stunning bit of knitting, if I may say so myself.
As to an "on foot" photo...very unlikely as I gave them to a friend who is leaving town.
Twisting such a sharp spiral probably could be done but wouldn't really serve any purpose as part of the snugging up to fit a variety of feet is from the way the pattern curves.
Keeping the stitch count fairly even just makes it easier for me to knit smoothly without having to think too much about it. In this case, the spirals automatically move one stitch over as the knitting progresses so the end stitches are always uneven.
Normally, as I knit, I don't get distorted stitches when I move from one needle to the next [whether with dpns or on magic loop] the exception being when I use 4 needles. I think it is because of the triangular shape the needles make while working from them. In this instance, though, I went with them for ease of knitting the 2x2 ribbing for the spiral.
2 at a time on a long circular would be an option for this pattern but I decided not to fuss with it as I personally don't care to knit 2 at a time...I almost never have second sock syndrome so it becomes a moot point.
The July socks are going to be a plain sock, perhaps with a circling purl pattern down the leg. I've made a couple of pairs in that pattern and it may work well with the yarn I plan to use.

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I really like the way the spiral and the self stripping go together. I have been knitting only socks for a couple of months now and I just can't seem to stop. They are the perfect summer project, I think.

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Thanks for your fine comments, Scott. I hope you enjoy socks as much as I do. I always rejoice whenever there is a convert to the "dark side." LOL
Should you ever have questions or such, you can always private message me and we can compare notes. Take care.

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